Tyto Alba, based out of Denver, CO, formed in the fall of 2014 and features the talents of singer/songwriter Melanie Steinway, guitarist Matt Rossi, bassist/synth player Daniel DiMarchi and drummer Andrew Bair. The songs are dreamy, spacious and lush. Tyto Alba is the scientific name for barn owls.

“There is a certain moment in a band’s trajectory when you can actually observe the music evolving. Denver four-piece Tyto Alba is experiencing just such a moment: a young band spreading its wings in sound and spirit before an audience’s eyes.”

-Tom Murphy, Westword

“Denver indie rockers Tyto Alba present a musical paradox…loud and quiet, narrow and expansive, dense and sparse, personal and universal.”

-Jeremy Fleischer, Scene Magazine

“Graceful and surging with fresh musical energy, Tyto Alba might very well be the shockwave 2017’s indie rock scene needs.”

-Mitch Mosk, Atwood Magazine