“Lupine Soul” & “Between the Lines” Released

You can find the 2 singles here: Between The Lines & Lupine Soul

“Nature really is a wonderful thing, when you connect that raw power with a song, the two combined can create something very special. Tyto Alba (cleverly meaning barn owl) and their new single Lupine Soul remind the audiences about nature that surrounds them constantly. A message that comes across clear as daylight to most with the track supported by the video that expresses these opinions. The Denver based band represented by Third Wave Records are releasing their single Lupine Soul today (30th January) and it’s one for any keen listener to sink their teeth into.

The introduction is like a blossoming flower when the sun rises, it gradually builds up enough momentum to open itself up to the world. Firstly starting off with some simple drums, guitar and tambourine which then introduces a cello and a howling 2nd guitar that rings out with a real powerful vibe to it. Once the vocals come in, the drums kick up a gear. The energy is slowly building and the music itself sounds brilliant, the quality of the production is something else.”

-Lewis Fisher, Alpha Beata

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